New Member Resources 2023-24

Welcome to the Scappoose Education Association!

We're so glad to have you with us! As you begin your year with us in Scappoose, we wanted to share a few things about how to get connected with your local Association, as well as some resources to help you have a great year.

Step 1: Become a Member!

Please use this electronic form to become a member of the Scappoose Education Association. If you were previously a member of your local association in a different Oregon school district, it is necessary to update your membership form, as registration in your new district is not automatic.

Use this form to order a red SEA t-shirt to wear on meeting and bargaining days. T-shirts are provided at no additional cost to SEA members.

From time to time, we send member communications of a more sensitive nature (e.g., bargaining updates) to non-work email addresses. Use this quick form to share your address and stay informed!

Step 2: Learn More

This page contains information about our current Collective Bargaining Agreement. You'll find a link to the full document, as well as a "Know Your Contract" summary document.

Visit this page for current information about health insurance options in our district and how our Group HRA works.

This page contains links to many of the forms you may use over the course of your time in the district. Here you'll find the forms to request a discretionary leave day, donate sick leave, request a transfer from the sick leave pool, etc.

Our local association is led by five executive officers, and each building has building representatives ready to help you with questions or concerns about your contract, working conditions, etc. Feel free to reach out at any time!

Members who use all of their sick leave due to an extended illness or injury may apply for additional sick days from our sick leave pool. Visit this page for additional information and how to apply.

SEA concluded bargaining last spring on the contract for 2022-2024. Watch this page for information about bargaining in early 2024.


How are my NEA dues spent?

Wondering where your National Education Association (NEA) dues go every month? Curious about how NEA spends its money in service of members? Check out this helpful guide.

Dues Primer 2022.pdf

Where do my OEA dues go?

Like its national partner at left, this document provides a break down of your Oregon Education Association (OEA) dues, where they go, and what they benefit. 

Step 3: Get Connected

We post periodic announcements and events to our Facebook page. Like us to stay updated!

Join us for a monthly meeting to learn more about your Association and important updates.