Sick Leave Bank Information

SEA Members have the option to access the sick leave bank if they experience a qualifying event and have exhausted their current leave. The process for accessing the bank is as follows.

  1. The Scappoose School District Human Resources will send a sick leave transfer form to all certified members by October 1. Members may transfer up to 10% of their accrued sick leave to the pool per school year. The form must be returned to the district office by Oct. 31st.
  2. Upon a member using all of their sick leave and discretionary leave they are eligible to request access to the sick leave pool.
  3. Member completes “Request of Sick Leave Pool Transfer Form” the form can be found on the SEA website;
  4. Member completes form and requirements listed on form, and attaches physician statement indicating need for leave.
  5. Member returns form to SEA President or designee
  6. SEA President or designee consults with the Scappoose School District as needed.
  7. SEA President or designee consults with Executive Council as warranted.
  8. Upon request from SEA President, Scappoose School District will transfer the amount of days needed by the requesting member, provided the pool contains the required days. There is a maximum of 15 days per member/per school year. If the member is in need of additional days after the 15 days has been used, a request can be made to the executive council. This request should include a completed form and additional medical documentation of need to remain on leave.
  9. The Executive Council has the option to adjust the maximum amount based on the balance of days in the sick leave pool and will meet in November to determine the maximum amount.

Members wishing to request a sick leave pool transfer should complete the form below. The form is a fillable PDF, so you can type your responses, print, and forward it along with required attachments to Tami McDonald, SEA President, at

Sick Leave Pool Transfer Request Form 8-2020 fillable.pdf