Health Insurance Information

SEA Members have a variety of insurance options to suit your needs. A one-page summary of insurance options is available by clicking on the image to the right. Detailed information specific to your family type is available by clicking one of the options below.

Please note that the cost to members is based on a full time (1.0 FTE) position. If working in a part-time position, a member is responsible for the amount shown on each page, plus the prorated portion of the cost to the district of your plan. 

SEA Member Guide to
Health Insurance Benefits

This document is a two page summary of the medical, dental, and vision coverage options you will have the option to select during the open enrollment process. It also includes some information regarding our Group HRA and who to contact with questions about setting up an account and getting reimbursed.

SEA Health Insurance Guide 23-24 v2.pdf

2023-2024 Update

The letter below contains updates and information about insurance offerings for the 2023-24 school year.

What's the same?

What's changed?

2023-2024 SEA Health Insurance Update

OEBB now offers a comparison tool you can use to compare coverage between the Moda and Kaiser plans. This tool is available in English and Spanish and can be accessed at

To view the plan designs for the 2023-2024 benefit year, please see this PDF.

About the Group HRA


We use a special healthcare account called a Group Health Reimbursement Account to enhance health benefits offered through the district. This arrangement provides our members with substantially reduced deductibles and maximum out of pocket costs than the Moda and Kaiser plans alone. The video at left provides some additional information about how this arrangement works.

Our Group HRA is managed by Diversified Benefit Services. To submit claims and receive reimbursement for the portion of your healthcare costs covered by the Group HRA, you'll need to set up an account. See the links below for additional information.

Medical Coverage Options by Family Type

Employee Only - choose this option if you are only covering yourself and have no dependents.

Employee and Spouse - choose this option if you are covering yourself and your spouse, but no children.

Employee and Child - choose this option if you are covering yourself and a child, but not a spouse.

Full Family - choose this option if you are covering yourself, your spouse, and your child(ren).

Dental & Vision Coverage Options

Base plans are provided to members at no cost as described in the summary page linked above. If wishing to "upgrade" your coverage, members may do so by paying the difference in cost. 

FY24 Licensed Plan Rates w Contr.pdf

Upgrade Your Insurance

Members have the option to upgrade to a higher level of dental and vision coverage by paying the difference in premium. To calculate your additional cost per month to do so, subtract the cost of the highlighted base plan (Delta Premier Plan 6 for dental and Moda Quartz for vision) from the cost of the upgraded plan.

Example for Employee Only:

  Premier Plan 1 - Delta Dental $64.79/month
- Premier Plan 6 (base plan) $43.70/month
  Cost of upgraded dental coverage $21.09/month

Additional Insurance Offerings

SEA members may be interested in considering the Short-Term Disability, Long Term Disability, or Life Insurance Benefits offered through OEBB. See the documents below for additional information.

Short Term Disability Insurance.pdf

Short-Term Disability

Long Term Disability Insurance.pdf

Long-Term Disability

Group Optional Life.pdf

Group Life Insurance 

Opt Out of Insurance through the District

If an SEA member has other group coverage (e.g., through a spouse), the member may opt out of insurance through the district. Members opting will receive $550 per month into an HRA VEBA account that they can use for any unreimbursed medical expense. For the 2023-24 school year, members who opt out will receive an additional $20 per month into their accounts, for a total of $570 per month.

Members wishing to opt out of insurance should complete the form linked at right, then submit it along with proof of your other group coverage to Dalena Saunders at the District Office.

FY22 Certified Ind and Married opt out.pdf